Before the Silence

This book is a collection of newspaper reports documenting the massacres and genocides of Greeks, Armenians and Assyrian minorities who inhabited Asia Minor over many millennia by the Ottoman Turks and later the Kemalists. These reports emanating from English language sources show that there was a systematic and organized campaign by Turkish authorities to eliminate all traces of the memories of these minorities from the face of the earth.

Before the Silence will serve as a permanent reminder that the many massacres starting from 1822, and the genocides carried out during the years 1914-23 are a crime against humanity and the memories of the victims should never be forgotten but respected and remembered.   

-Stavros T. Stavridis, M.A., RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. Greek-Australian Historian.  Presently working towards his doctorate degree.  


Table of Contents

* Tribute (page 7)
* Table of Contents (page 11)
* Acknowledgements (page 13)
* Publisher's Note (page 17)
* A Message (page 19)
* Foreword (page 21)
* Preface (page 23)
* Archival News Reports (page 49)
* Appendix: Chrysostomos of Ephesos, An Eyewitness Report of the Genocide and Catastrophe of the Christians in Asia Minor (page 339)
* Remembering (page 347)

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