The Months in Pontic Greek

The months of the year in Pontus were named after certain farming conditions as well as Holy days on the calendar.  July was called Χορτοθέρ'τς (Xortotherts) because in July each year they collected grass.  November was called Αεργίτες, named after Ayios Georgios because the 3rd of November was the Holy day of Άγιος Γεώργιος.  


Καλαντάρ'τς - KALANTARTS - Ιανουάριος - January
Κούντουρος - KOUNTOUROS - Φεβρουάριος - February
Μάρ'τς - MARTS - Μάρτιος - March
Απριλ'τς - APRILTS - Απρίλιος - April
Καλομηνάς - KALOMINAS - Μαίος - May
Κερασινός - KERASINOS - Ιούνιος - June
Χορτοθερ'τς - XORTOTHERTS - Ιουλιος - July
Aλωνάρτς - ALONARTS - Aύγουστος - August
Σταυρίτες - STAVRITES - Σεπτεμβριος - September
Τρυγομηνάς - TRIGOMINAS - Οκτώβριος - October
Αεργϊτες - AERGITES - Νοέμβριος - November
Χριστουγενάρ'τς - XRISTOUGENARTS - Δεκέμβριος - December


In the Pontic dialect, the names of the months of the year were based mostly on holy days but also on agricultural conditions. For instance...

January - Kalantarts - new year (from 'κάλαντα' - which means calendar)
February - Kountouron - because it had fewer days than the rest of the months
- Kalominas - was regarded as the best month of the year ( from "kalos minas" which means good month)
June - Kerasinos - the month of wine (kerasia = grapes)
July - Hortotherts - 'xorto' means grass ( because they collected grass in this month)
- Stavrites - named after the cross 'stavro', 14 Sep was a holy day in Pontos
October - Trigominas - 'trigos' means gather (they gathered grapes during this month)
November - Aergites - named after Ayios Georgios (Nov 3 was the holy day of Ayios Georgios)
December - Christianarts - the month of Christmas 


It is worth noting that....

March (Marts) and April (Aprilts) were the only months that were taken from the Latin calendar. It is also worth noting that in some parts of Pontos some of the months were different in name to these given above.