Ofis or Ofeos (today Of) is a region situated approximately 60km east of Trabzon and 20 km west of Rize. Its name is derived from a river that runs through its western border called the Ofsou river or Kalopotamos. A large proportion of the Greeks in the region were Islamized in the 17th century however they retained the Pontic dialect and customs. The region also contained a number of Christian Greeks. In total prior to 1914 there were approximately 1,700 Greeks living in the Ofis region (ethnic Greeks and Islamized Greeks combined). 

The Greek settlements

Γίγας - Yigas
Ζησινό - Zisino
Ζουρέλ - Zourel
Κεσισογλου - Kesisoglou
Κλιτιο - Klitio
Κουρίτς - Kourits
Κοφκία - Kofkia
Κρηνίτα - Krinita
Λαζου - Lazou
Λέκα - Leka
Μαντανης - Mantanis
Μερτζανης - Mertzanis
Παπαζογλου - Papazoglou
Υψηλη - Ipsili
Χαλτ - Halt

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